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Big Time Liquidators is a division of Garfield Furniture Center LLC. After over 30 years of experience in the furniture and liquidation business we have set up this site for an easy way to liquidate huge lots of all types of merchandise including furniture from hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, offices, business contents, manufacturing facilities, etc.

In this site you are able to find merchandise that is either new, good used, excess inventory, surplus, liquidations due to construction, renovation or moving, insurance liquidations, salvage goods, business contents, etc. We have set up the site in a way that huge lots of merchandise are usually broken into smaller lots and are reserved before they even become available for removal. Then in order to facilitate the removal process we offer removal, handling, packing and shipping in truckloads and ship to various buyers.

For example, when we liquidate hotel furniture, we break a huge 300 room hotel into 10, 20 or 30 room lots and we take reservations for these lots. When the hotel is ready for the removal of the furniture, we minimize the costs of removal by consolidating all costs related to this removal. This way we are able to empty an entire content of a huge hotel in the shortest of time and ship to various buyers without having the buyers worry about anything. On top of that, we offer a variety of custom-tailored services such as cleaning, refinishing and touch up, on a case by case basis at minimal charges.

Our services make it possible for larger liquidations to be handled in the most organized and professional manner. A huge hotel will have peace of mind trusting us to liquidate their furniture and at the same time smaller motels, etc. will appreciate finding bargains to furnish their motels at most reasonable prices. In the same fashion our services could also be used for entire contents of a business, an office, a warehouse, a factory, a dormitory, a school, an institutional or government facility, etc.


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We ship worldwide. Shipping Quotes provided upon request.